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Saturday, August 19, 2017


La statua della Madonna a Doussa
La statue de la Vierge à Doussa

After a quiet Sunday here at Bozoum, on Monday, August 14th, I’m again on the road with Father Daniel, the General Councilor, to take him to Bangui.
Tuesday morning August 15th in the Central Africa Church we too did celebrate the Assumption of Mary. I preside over the Mass in our Carmel convent, in which the congregation greets Father Matteo, who after four years spent here, leaves Bangui to come to live with us in Bozoum. In the afternoon I go to the airport to welcome the twelve SIRIRI volunteers from Prague, from Paris and from Nice to lead the teachers training as part of the "Teaching with fun" project. This year the teachers to be trained will be over 200. Because of the large number there will be five groups, under the direction of SIRIRI volunteers, but also by Bozoum teachers who have already attended the training and, above all, they have an opportunity to put it into practice by teaching this method, involving a lot of kids leading them to an excellent level of preparation, beginning from the very first classes.
On Wednesday we leave at 5.30 am with two cars. For the SIRIRI people it's all a surprise, and despite the bad shape of the roads, at 1.00 pm we reach Bozoum.
The next day I am already working with teacher-trainers in order to be ready for the great training session that will begin this Monday, lasting until Saturday August 26th.

P.Matteo saluta gli amici a Bangui

p.Matteo a Bozoum

Friday, August 11, 2017

Mud and rain

Mud and rain
On Saturday, August 5th, I went back to Bozoum after visiting St.Elie and Yolé, where I also brought the Fathers who came from Cameroon, and Father Daniel of Nigeria.
We are in the middle of the rainy season, and the roads are in very bad shape. On Sunday, at noon, Father Enrico calls me; he was stuck in the mud a couple of miles from Bozoum. On Wednesday, already 5 km close to Bozoum, I have to go back because the road is an impossible mess. The roads conditions are frequently a problem for our travels: sometimes you cannot leave or you have to choose much longer itineraries. Only over the last 10 days I have traveled more than 2,000 km because of this.
On Wednesday I go to Baoro, where Father Maurice begins his service as Superior of the Convent. On Thursday I continue towards Bouar for a meeting driving back to Baoro in the early afternoon, and then I continue my traveling towards Bozoum with Father Daniel. We are home around 7.00 pm.
In these days, Father Enrico gave life to a round table in the city for young people, and so on Thursday and Friday nearly 130 young people and adults did meet trying to analyze the present social situation in the Country proposing solutions while dreaming for some changes. Unfortunately, the situation in Central Africa Republic doesn’t improve. Just in these days there have been very violent attacks, with dozens of casualties some of them beheaded. Although this happens far enough from here, we are very worried because we don’t see any change ahead of us.

Foto di famiglia

Alla Yolé

Da sinistra: p.Stefano, p.Maurice, P.Daniel, p.Dieudonné e p.Aurelio appena dietro l'obiettivo)
De gauche à droite: p.Stefano, p.Maurice, p.Daniel, p.Dieudonné et p.Aurelio (tout juste derrière  l'appareil photo)

Ottimo esempio di come ci si può impantanare...
Comment s'enfoncer dans la boue...

Tavola rotonda dei giovani di Bozoum
Table ronde à Bozoum

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Fine formazione su Gestione Contabilità a Bozoum

During these two weeks I did travel a lot.  Mostly because I helped Friars of our Communities in their various residence changes and shifts as a result of Provincial Superior visit. But I needed to travel also because of the visits of Friars responsible in governing our Order. In the first half of August arrives here in Africa Father Daniel Ehigie Nigerian origin. He is one of the Councilors to the General Father, and he is the one who deals with our Order presence in Africa.  August 4th and 5th comes also Father Fausto, the Provincial of Milan, from which the Mission of Cameroon depends.
This is the reason why on Sunday, after having celebrated the two Masses, early afternoon I left driving towards Bouar. The direct road (110km) is blocked due to a truck, and I have to take the road through Bossemptele arriving at Bouar, after 250km and 5 long hours driving. I spend Monday at Bouar. In the evening I'm in Baoro, giving a ride to Father Stefano, who will be the new Pastor.
On Tuesday morning I leave Baoro, and just before 1.00pm I’m in Bangui. Here in the evening, coming from Zambia, arrives Father Daniel Ehigie. On Wednesdays we spend the day together, visiting the "Farm" of Carmel where is being planted coffee, meeting personally one by one the friars ending with a long conversation in the afternoon as a conclusion. At lunch time we take a break just for a pizza I did prepare, and that gives strength to our work.
On Thursday afternoon at 1.00pm we leave under a heavy rain. The road is long (450 km), and there are also 2 convoys of trucks driving one in the opposite direction of the other, but at 7.30pm we finally arrive at Bouar, in our convent Of St.Elia, which welcomes us with the many young religious which are present in order to follow a formation stage about St. John of the Cross, directed by Father Jean de Jean Baptiste (French and resident in Senegal). We meet there the fathers who came from Cameroon together with the Provincial Father Fausto: Father Marco Gazzoli and Father Jean Baptiste.
During these days we are going to discuss with them the collaboration that unites us which began a few years ago, exchanging experiences and personnel. Since 2013 their young people follow the Novitiate here, and since 2014 our Theology students study with them in Yaounde.

Formazione dei giovani a Bouar-St Elie

Saluti a Baoro

Trasloco di una boutique...
déplacement d'une boutique

Si pianta il caffé
On plante le café

Padri e studenti al Carmel, a Bangui, con p.Daniel Ehigie (1° sacedote a destra)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Staying or be moved

Staying or be moved
Perhaps not everyone knows that we friars every three years have to face a sort of deadline. Last month of May, we celebrated the "Provincial Chapter," in which about twenty Fathers, superiors and representatives all communities, did reflect on the past in order to trace the path towards the future of our Carmelite life. In the Chapter those friars are called to elect the new Provincial Superior and his Councilors. During the three years of their commitment to govern, they are responsible for the most important decisions to be taken. So, every three years all responsibilities "expire" and you have to verify whether to change the person who deals with that specific duty or simply confirming that person in the same service. Sometimes there are more urgent needs elsewhere, and each of us becomes available, with the consciousness that everywhere we are sent, that is the place where God calls us to live and work. So, with His help, everything will be fine.
Just these last days, decisions have been made for our Bozoum Mission too.
Well, I'll stay at Bozoum for another three years.
In few weeks’ time, will arrive Father Matteo Pesce, who was in Bangui replacing Father Enrico Redaelli, who after living with us for three years leaves Bozoum to go as a superior and master of novices in Bouar, at St. Elias Convent. We will miss him (though he will not be far away) mostly for its presence and sympathy, for its apostolic work and love for prayer, for its natural talent to stay with kids and youth. One more thing: we will miss him also for his support for Milan soccer team.
I’ll go on with my mission in Bozoum, but I ask for a prayer so that I can continue to work for the parish and all the people. May the Lord keep me in excitement and vivacity to always seek new ways to help others to believe and to love.  
At present we live under a heavy uncertainty. There are often shots. Last Monday in the area were present dozens of armed antibalaka. Frequently this is a matter of revenge, but this movement of armed people is worrying, also because there’s no countermove from the local Administration.
The rainy season continues. On Wednesday I left Bozoum, direction Bouar, but after 30 km I had to stop my traveling because a truck was stuck in the mud, blocking the passage. I needed to drive back to Bozoum.
The training on accounting and management for about thirty participants is almost at the end.
Still here in Bozoum last Wednesday, there have been tests for the second attempt of those who were declared eligible for Maturity. The correction and the vote for this test are concentrated in Bangui. Because of this, many errors in evaluating came to light. For instance: many students had zero in gymnastics. The tests were made here at Bozoum, and the results were sent to the Capital but were badly inserted into the final classification. For this reason many doubts aroused about many results.

F. Enrico